Data protection

This page gives you a quick overview of what data we hold, how we store it, how we use it, and what we will do in the future. We have prepared this information in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – effective from 25 May 2018.

What data do we hold?

Hansel & Gretel Support Group only holds data that you gave to us when you filled in our “New Family Registration and Membership” form.

At your discretion you may have included information such as your names and addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and details of the young people that you care for.

We collected this information simply so that we could contact you to tell you of events that our volunteer trustees and helpers organise.

How we store your data

Your information is held offline, in hard copy format and on a computer, in a password-protected spreadsheet. The spreadsheet contains the names of you and the people you care for, telephone numbers and email addresses. This information is securely backed-up and only available to two trustees, the Secretary and the Chair of Trustees.

How we use your data

We only use your data to contact you for purposes related to activities laid on by the Hansel & Gretel Support Group. We contact you either by email, or by SMS text message.

We do not permit processing and copying of any of your data by any third party . We never share any of your data with any outside organisation.

We have a written data protection policy that is available to view, and we keep a register of all systems and contexts in which personal data is processed by us. Additionally, any data processed by us will only be done with your consent.

What we will do with your data in the future

Going forward, we will keep evidence of all opt-in consent with your personal data. You can remove your consent at any time by contacting either the Secretary or the Chair of Trustees at Hansel & Gretel.

Our policy will be reviewed annually, where we will consider what data we retain, for how long, and why. We will also check our data, to try to ensure that it is accurate and up to date.

In the unlikely event that data we hold is compromised, we will inform you and advise you of what steps you should take.

Want to be removed from our database?

If yes, just email and let us know.

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